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AAA Membership

AAA Memship is available to anyone, even if you don't carry AAA insurance. Memship can be obtained at AAA.com, or through your local AAA branch office. Membership is available at two levels. Below are some of the benefits of membership of RV Plus membership. 

AAA RV Plus Membership

  • Towing distance allowance increased to 100 miles from the point of disablement to the destination of your choice. This gives you the freedom to have your vehicle towed to a repair facility or other location of your choice within 100 miles. (Regular membership covers tow to responding station or up to 5 miles from place of disablement.)
  • Free emergency fuel. (Regular members pay for fuel.)
  • Extrication. Services of a second truck and driver for one hour if needed. (Services of one truck and driver for unlimited time available to regular members.)
  • Up to $100 in parts and labor for lockout/locksmith services for your vehicle. ($50 covered under regular membership.)
  • Plus RV extends benefits to campers, motor homes and motorcycles.
  • Auto Travel Interruption Protection (trip continuance) benefits increased up to $1000 reimbursement. ($600 available to regular members.)
  • Extended legal fee reimbursement up to $1,500. (Regular members receive up to $500.).
  • $300,000 air Travel Accident Protection when tickets are purchased at AAA Travel. ($100,000 insurance included when regular members purchase tickets at AAA.)
  • Two sets of passport photos free per PlusRV member, per member term. (Regular members pay $8 per set, non-members pay $12 per set plus tax.)

Current AAA members wishing to upgrade to Plus RV should call (800) 222-6424 or visit a branch office.