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Cole's of Sanford INC.

Jerome Township

Wrecker Service

Below are the services we provide around the clock. If you are in need of service or and any question please call us at (989) 687-2214.

Lockout Service

 Our trained professionals can provide 24-hour lockout service if you ever lock your keys in the car.

Q: Why should I call for professional assistance to unlock my car?

A: Autos are increasingly complicated and an unskilled person can damage your vehicle's internal wiring, locks and side impact airbags. Our staff are trained, and carry specialized tools to quickly and safely unlock your car.

Q: Can you unlock my car which has electronic locks, car alarm and/or side-impact airbags?

Yes. Our drivers have the training and the tools to handle electronic locks, car alarms and/or side-impact airbags.

Battery Service

 With vehicle manufactuers inluding more and more electronics in car today, jump starting a car can be a dangerous and possible destructive option. Our staff uses mobile battery packs that provide a safe of voltage to your vehicle. Rather than provide your vehicle with the surge of power needed to start, our equipment replenishes your vehicle battery enough to allow your vehicle to safely start.

Gas Delivery

Drove to far past the gas station? No problem. Our staff can bring enough gas to you to get you to the gas station. Service is also available to diesel vehicle. Including priming the filters.

Flat Tire

Whether you not comfortable changing you tire on the road, or don't have the tools, our driver can help. Our staff has the tools and the experiance to quickly change you rtire and ensure your safety.

Q: What happens if I don't have a spare tire?

A: Our staff may be able to find a tire for you, or we may need to tow you to our repair center or to another tire service center.

Q: My car has one or more locking lut nuts and I don't have the adapter for them

A: when contacting us please make us aware of this. We have special tools that are able to take most locking lugs off. However, this process may destroy the nut.


We provide 24-hour towing service for any type of vehicle. We have the equipment and experience to tow your car, truck, motorcycle, motor home, or other type of vehicle.

Q: My car is all-wheel or four-wheel drive. Will it need a flatbed tow truck?

A: No. We have flat bed trucks but our wheel lift tow trucks are capable of towing most vehicles, even those with four-wheel drive.  We will always use the right equipment to get the job done safely.

Q: Will towing be rough on my car?

A: No. Our trained professionals will expertly load your vehicle. Since your car will be towed by its tires, it will be buffered against bumps in the road by its normal suspension and also the tow truck's suspension.

Q. What special training do your tow truck drivers receive?

A. All of our drivers have over fifteen years experience. When they start at , they are partnered with one of our other experienced drivers until they have full competence with our equipment. 

Q: Is a special driver's license required for tow truck drivers?

A: Yes, a special license is required, similar to those for taxis and larger vehicle. We also require our drivers to have a flawless driving record.

Q: Can you tow my lowered car, motorcycle, zamboni or other unique vehicle?

A: Yes, we can tow almost everything from A to Z . Also, most lowered cars can be towed by conventional tow trucks. Call us if you have questions about your unique vehicle or situation.


Whether you couldn't resist testing that new SUV or simply slipped off your driveway, we have the equipment to recover your vehicle from these difficult situations. With over forty years experience, we have just about seen it all.

Q: Should I consider keeping my vehicle in your storage facility after an accident?

A: Yes, provided you have full-coverage insurance. We will store your vehicle and its contents at our facility. After an accident, the towing and storage fee would be billed directly to your insurance company so you would avoid any out-of-pocket expenses. The adjuster can inspect the car at our premises and have the vehicle taken to a repair facility all without any hassle or inconvenience to you. This also saves you from having to park an unsightly wrecked vehicle at your home, possibly leaking fluids and creating a hazardous situation. We have the experiance to handle hazardous materials that may be dangerous if not contained.