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Jerome Township Vehicle Records
Managing and keeping records of your vehicle maintenance can be a difficult job, but keeping no records can create situations that are just as frustrating. You should keep records of your vehicles maintenance for the following reasons :
  • Records can be valuable when selling your vehicle. A prospective buyer will feel confident that your vehicle was properly maintained, and an edge in selling your vehicle.
  • Knowing when your needs service can sometimes be a shot in the dark unless you can referance your records.
  • In the event your vehicle needs warrenty work because of a breakdown or recall, you may need detailed repair and maintnace records to prove your vehicle was regulerly maintained according to the manfacturer's reccommended schedule.
Shop > Connect
Shop > Connect allows to view records of what repairs and maintnace we have preformed on your vehicle. For the registration process you will need a copy of an invoice, or a copy of your statement, and a vaild e-mail address.

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