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Cole's of Sanford INC.

Jerome Township

Wrecker Service

 Whether it’s towing your car across town to the repair shop, or unlocking your car we have you covered. We're here to service you around the clock. Details on the services we provide can be found under the services link to the left.

For Service, Call (989) 687-2214, or call toll-free (877) 687-2214.

AAA Contractor

 We are the oldest Michigan AAA independent contractor. We have been servicing AAA members since 1936. AAA is one of the most recognized and reliable insurance companies known for their road service. Anyone can obtain a AAA membership without needing a insurance policy from AAA. For more information about AAA membership, click AAA on the menu.

For AAA service you must call (800) AAA-MICH or request service online.